VESSEL turnaround supplies

Looking for a pre-cut and custom cut gaskets for your vessel turnarounds?

Estevan Meter Services Ltd. offers a full line of materials required for doing your vessel turnarounds - we have one of western Canada's largest inventory of pre-cut gaskets to fit almost any vessel and if we do not have a ready made gasket we can custom cut the gaskets required.

We have all your turnaround needs including anodes, anode parts, cleaning liquids and any other special items needed to get the job done. Our excellent product knowledge and experience combined with a huge database on the vessels used in the petroleum industry help you to procure the right parts and get the job done right the first time. Simply provide us with an LSD and we can get you the right items that you need.

Some of our turnaround products:

  • Gaskets
  • Anodes & anode parts
  • Siphons & siphon boxes
  • Flame arrestor housings
  • Cleaning & washing liquids
  • Stacks & stack material
  • Burner equipment
  • Rental Equipment

Our turnaround products become part of a comprehensive service including servicing the PSV’s control valves, any onsite instrumentation, tank gauging, alarms, callouts and controls. Along with products and services for tanks, flare stacks and VRU systems followed up by combustion servicing.

Done right and on time...

  • We are the largest local instrumentation service provider because we are the best at what we do!
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  • We provide a full range of services to help improve your business!