TPZ 3310

The Titan TPZ 3310 is an electronic float-based level gauge for measuring fluid levels in storage tanks. It has been field proven in 1000’s of installations, with a great majority in the Western Canadian oilpatch. It can be installed while the tank is in service. In-tank components are constructed from durable corrosion resistant materials, permitting operation in a wide variety of applications.

The TPZ AliGauger is the only gauge built tough enough to handle the most severe "swamp-like" tank level gauging applications. Install the right gauge built for the environment!

  • Titan Logix is the developer and manufacturer of the popular TPZ level gauge systems designed specifically for the oil & gas industry.
  • The TPZ AliGauger electromechanical gauge is suitable for direct connection to a PLC.
  • Straightforward installation procedure
  • Sealed from corrosive vapors
  • Rugged construction
  • Local or remote liquid level readout
  • Suitable for use in low-power applications
  • Single tanks
  • Production batteries
  • Refineries
  • Drain tanks
  • Flare knockout
  • Oilfield Storage Tanks: Permanent or Portable
  • Overflow tanks
  • Condensate storage
  • Remote site monitoring



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