Fluid Management Systems for Oil Storage Tanks

Rugged, Reliable and Cost Effective

The Level-Pro Tank Management System is designed to provide the Oil and Gas Industry with a rugged, reliable and exceptionally cost effective solution for the monitoring and management of stationary tanks.

Multi-Tank Display

The Multi-Tank Wireless “Controller” can wirelessly connect up to 4 Tank Gauges and provide onscreen data about each.

Wireless Tank Gauge Interface

The wireless tank gauge interface provides output to the Multi-Tank Wireless Controller.

Smart Phone Alarm Monitoring

Remote monitoring of the tank gauges via email/SMS messaging of alarm conditions based on your requirements.

LEVEL-PRO Friction-less Float

The unique float design allows the system to be used in very viscous fluids without the worry of getting “hung up” by buildup of material on the probe below or above the float.


The LEVEL-PRO Tank Management System manufactured by Quest Measurement is designed to provide the Oil and Gas Industry with a rugged, reliable and exceptionally cost effective solution for the monitoring and management of stationary tanks.

The LEVEL-PRO probes are intrinsically safe, can be installed in hazardous locations. The highly durable probes are compatible with H2S, CO2, Crude Oil, Salt water and a variety of other oil field fluids.

No Installation Cutting Required

LEVEL-PRO probes are easily installed in virtually any tank due to their innovative mounting design. Basic installation is via any regular ½” bolt hole allowing for retrofitting into any existing tank with a bolted flange “Thief Hatch” or man way with little to no modification.

The LEVEL-PRO system is very low power and will accept a range of input voltages allowing it to be run on site power or battery with solar depending on the need and application.

The LEVEL-PRO product line includes display, data collection, communication and control components that allow both onsite and remote personnel to view tank levels at a glance along with alarm condition indication and options for overfill prevention.

Even the most remote locations are not an obstacle for the LEVEL-PRO system as satellite based communications options ensure data can be collected from virtually anywhere.

Will accurately measure in an emulsion environment where other technologies fail (ex Radar and Pressure) Varying specific gravity has no effect on operation.

Wireless Connections

Eliminates all onsite wiring

Remote Data Options

Increase operator efficiency

Totally Sealed Gauge

Eliminates gas venting

High-level Alarm/Shutdown

Preventing overflow spills

LEVEL-PRO Digital Gauge

Ensures accurate readings

Low-Level Alerts

Reduces sediment disturbances


  • +/- 0.3 cm Accuracy, 1 mm Resolution
  • 8-32VDC Power input, Max draw: 25 mA
  • Probe is Intrinsically Safe (Class I, Div 1 Groups C&D/ Zone 0 Groups IIB)
  • Rugged -40C to +85C Transmitter Rating
  • Fluid Temperature measurement option available
  • Wired and Wireless Onsite Display & Control Options available
  • Fast and Simple Installation options
  • Can be ordered to meet any tank size requirement
  • Available pressurized vessel options
  • High Speed 1 second read/update rate Option
  • Optional simplex satellite Interface for Daily Inventory Updates/Alarms via SMS & Email
  • Two Year Manufacturer Warranty

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