Graco Chemical Pumps

Estevan Meter Services & Virden Meter Services are excited to offer the complete line of Graco Chemical Pumps. These new generation pumps are ready to lower your operating costs. Easily adjustable rates and SCADA ready controllers.

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Chemical Injection Product Scope

  • Solar Powered Chemical Injection Systems
  • Electric Chemical Injection Pumps
  • Hazardous Location Pumps
  • Variable Speed Pumps
  • Pump Controllers
  • Remote Communication
  • Pneumatic Chemical Injection Pumps
  • Electric Low Pressure Metering Pump

Chemical Injection Products

Graco chemical injection products are exactly what experienced oil and gas industry professionals want and need to meet the ongoing challenges of transferring chemicals in harsh and often remote geographies. Three words can describe it all: reliability, durability, and affordability.


  • Chemical injection packages are rigorously field-tested to ensure optimum performance
  • Solar pumping systems can provide reliable chemical injection for up to 4 days without sun
  • Electronic injection rate controllers ensure precise injection rates – optimizing your process
  • Control and monitor your chemical injection system with your mobile device for peace of mind


  • Pump components are designed for years of operation between service intervals
  • Ideal for remote installations in extreme temperatures
  • One year warranty


  • Chemical injection equipment is available in a variety of configurations to provide premium performance at any price point
  • Spend less time fixing and more time running with our durable components
  • Save money by reducing chemical waste when you use our adaptive injection rate controls
  • Lower energy costs by using off-the-grid solar powered systems vs. pneumatic or grid powered pumps

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