Encapsulating Agents

Estevan Meter Services & Virden Meter Services are the exclusive distributors for Hazard Control Technologies Inc. encapsulating agents for industrial and tank degassing applications in Saskatchewan and Manitoba. These products have been developed to significantly reduce vessel entry times, improve safety, and lower overall cost and risk associated with tank and vessel turnarounds.

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F-500 EA is the answer to many of today’s firefighting challenges. In a world where fires have become hotter and more difficult to extinguish, F-500 Encapsulator Agent’s unique capabilities meet those challenges. First, F-500 EA has a remarkable ability to cool a fire and surrounding structures, with the ability to absorb 6-10 times more heat energy than plain water. Instead of scalding steam, F-500 EA releases a warm vapor. Secondly, F-500 EA encapsulates fuels forming micelles or “chemical cocoons” that render the fuel non-flammable and nonignitable. Finally, F-500 EA interrupts the free radical chain reaction. Free radicals are unburned gases produced during the combustion process that turn into smoke and soot. Inhibiting the chain reaction results in less smoke and toxins and increases visibility.

  • Rapid cooling
  • Encapsulates the fuel
  • Interrupts the free radical chain reaction

These unique properties make F-500 Encapsulator Agent the most versatile firefighting agent available. Where foam has to form and maintain a perfect blanket to separate a fire from oxygen, F-500 EA merely needs to contact the fuel and vapors. F-500 EA is perfect for three-dimensional fires, plus F-500 EA is recommended for Class A, Class B (polar and nonpolar) and Class D fires. There’s no need to inventory Class A, AFFF and AR-AFFF foams and specialized agents for Class D fires. F-500 EA can do it all!


HydroLock is an Encapsulator Agent formulated to degas and emulsify hydrocarbons. When mixed at 3% with water, HydroLock molecules encapsulate the hydrocarbon vapors and liquid forming micelles or “chemical cocoons,” rendering the hydrocarbon non-flammable, nonignitable and nonexplosive. The concentration of vapors quickly drops below the Lower Explosive Limit (LEL) allowing quick entry into the vessel or removal of the hydrocarbon liquid and sludge. HydroLock works on all hydrocarbons; crude oil, gasoline, ethanol-blended fuels, as well as H2S (hydrogen sulfide), some acids and has proven to be effective on pyrophoric iron (iron sulfide) scaling. In addition, HydroLock quickly removes build-up on vessel walls and breaks down sludge.

The key to HydroLock’s success is its ability to save time. Where venting a tank to remove flammable vapors could take many hours, HydroLock encapsulates the hydrocarbons in a fraction of the time. Turnaround time is reduced and the vessel can be returned to service.

HydroLock is also nontoxic, noncorrosive and biodegradable. HydroLock ingredients comply with CEPA 1999* and are specifically listed for use in soil washing, explosive gas devaporation and removing oils and sludges from equipment and piping.

*CEPA 1999 listing does not mean that CEPA approves, recommends, licenses, certifies or authorizes the use of HydroLock.

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